Almost everyone believes that social media marketing is easy. Posting a few posts in Facebook a few times, doing tweets in a day in Twitter or doing your own video in YouTube are not actually enough. You have to spend so much time to do it the right way. In reality, it is not easy especially if you want to have limpieza de reputacion en Google. Having your own blog is a good thing but you have to do a lot of blogging constantly to ensure that you get a lot of visits too. If you remain stagnant, your viewers will forget about you despite having a recently posted blog just a few days ago.

If you want to know how social media could give you benefits then you should understand how it really works.

            What You Need to Know About Traffic

If order for you to have a lot of customers, you have to make sure that your social media traffic is strong and you have a lot of influencers directing to your link. In the last years, social media traffic made more than 30% of the total traffic in the web.

Consistency is the key, many experts say so. If you are able to create more traffic, build relationships not only with your clients but with your influencers, good customer relations and service then your business would have the best benefits.

This doesn’t work overnight. Doing all these would not get you a good result in a day but if you do it for a month, probably you will get some good result and if you do it for a year, surely you will have a significant result. This is not magic. You need to work hard every day to make sure that the traffic is sustaining and in escucha social tiempo real. You should commit yourself day by day and for sure you will not have to worry about your future.

Keep note of your target market. You should research about statistics. Learn about your target market or your subjects. You should include location, age, gender, income, religion, family members, etc. This is good for your business. However, you should also personalize it to your type of business. If your business is about cooking then you might want to eliminate religion or ethnicity from your list.

Your demographics will depend on what you have on your site and if you have really quality traffic.

On the other hand. limpieza de reputacion en Google, should also be considered and it might be difficult for an average person to do that. There are some agencies offering services in helping with the social media strategy. Prospect Factory is there to help you and give you some tools which will make your marketing strategy easier.